In leadership, charisma is important. A charismatic leader is a person who seemingly has no difficulty drawing people to him or her. This type of charismatic leadership is effective – in the right situations. Throughout the history, most great men such as Winston Churchwill are seen as charismatic This simply means that charismatic leaders emerge in various situations and can use their ability for advancement – or not.

Winston Churchill victory wwii

Charismatic leaders seem to have a natural flair for inciting emotion and enticing people to follow them. These leaders are the “work the room” types of leaders, the ones who can spend hours in a crowd focusing more on the people they are talking to than on themselves.

One of the most advantageous traits a charismatic leader possesses is the ability to take larger ideas and boil them down to simple ones. These charismatic leaders may be seen as greater than average risk takers who fight the status quo and lead the charge to innovate.

Many of us may want to increase our charisma and there are few things you can do to get there. However remember that too much charisma can lead to the “cult of personality”. This is where it seems that leadership is all talk and no show. Whatever you do, balance your charisma based on your individual personality, the organisation, and how the business responds to charisma.

Here are 14 ways to become a charismatic leader:

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